Designed to provide a thorough cleansing for normal, dry or oily skin without targeting more advanced skin conditions. This facial treats and addresses everyday skin care concerns such as oiliness, dryness and dehydration.

Palace Relaxing Facials 60 min
A face shine designed with products tailored to your skin and your desire for results. For example, there may be different skin conditions such as sensitive skin, oily skin, aging skin or a general refreshment containing cleansing, peeling, mask, toner and end product. For a fresh and beautiful skin.
Price: 995 Kr

Face-Free Express, 25 min
A refreshing cure where we start with cleansing followed by a stressful and stressful facial massage with beneficial aromatic oil. Then a lovely moisturized face mask. The cure ends with toner and moisturizing cream.
Price: 550 Kr

"Male fresh"20 min
A refreshing face cut, specially composed for you man! A cleansing and moisturizing cure, where you also get stressful facial massage with selected aromatic oils. Your skin becomes clean and clear, moisturized and beautifully fresh!
Price: 550Kr

Facial w/ head massage 30 min
A stressful face and head massage that also helps reduce wrinkles to make you look younger.
Price 495 Kr


Facial w/ shoulder massage 45 min
The treatment is done with Kerstin Florian's beautiful products.
Treatment begins with cleaning, deep cleansing / peeling, face mask, toner and custom face cream.
A thrilling, rejuvenated facial massage with a nutritious serum chosen for your skin, followed by lovely neck and shoulders massage is also included.
Price 995 Kr

Aroma Energetic Facial 45 or 60 min
The treatment is done with Kerstin Florian's beautiful products
We design this face treatment based on your needs and wishes for results. The treatment that sounds and strengthens the structure of the skin. There may be different skin conditions such as sensitivity, oily skin and premature aging or a general upturn.
The treatment includes, cleaning, peeling, face mask, and stressful facial massage that improves blood circulation, as well as ending Kerstin Florian day cream.
45 minutes Price 750 Kr
60 minutes Price 995 Kr