Spa & Body Treatment


Warm baths have always been used for relaxation and healing. Here you can enjoy, relax and have the whole body massaged by the underwater rays in our therapy bubble bath. We have several lovely combinations with health spa to enhance well-being relaxation.

Bubble bath relax, 45min

Enjoy and relax in a warm bubble bath tub with mixture of herbs or minerals and potent eucalyptus. A nice body spray is applied after the bath. These will suits to combine with the massage before full relaxation.

Price: 495 Kr

Body Firming Detox 60 min

A body treatment to refine and enhance skin firmness, exfoliate the skin. Applied to the body followed by a deeply relaxing scalp massage. A deep massage that stimulates circulation, reduces stress & and removes poisons from the body using ginger and caffeine. Moisturized with Multi-vitamin firming creme and gives an enlightening effect on the body.
Price 1 295 Kr

Ginger Renewal 90 min

You'll get a combination of natural salt minerals and ingeniousness in a refreshing body scrub, following a relaxing back massage, neck and shoulders with organic Ginger Body oil late ending with luxury head massage.
Price 1 595 Kr

Brightening Body Scrub 30 min

A beneficial body peeling that stimulates blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and makes the skin soft and smooth. After the shower a moisturizing body lotion is applied. Body scrub very good to combine with massage and spa bath.
Price 525 Kr

Chamomile Body Scrub 30 min

It is our mildest peeling that suits you with sensitive skin or is not used to scrubbing. After this peeling, your skin will feel soft and soft and the treatment will end with a softening camomile body spray applied to the entire body.
Price 525 Kr

Chamomile Body Scrub + massage 60 min

Chamomile scrub is a lingering body play with finely ground pumice stone and chamomile.
It is our mildest peeling that suits you with sensitive skin or is not used to scrubbing.
After this peeling your skin will feel soft and soft and the treatment will end with a softening Camomile body spray applied to the entire body.
The peels also increase the circulation in the muscles and are therefore suitable to book for their massage. As the muscles are softened, the massage therapist comes deeper with the massage.
Body play can also be booked as a duo treatment so you can be joined by a friend.
Price 1 295 Kr

Brigthening Body Scrub + massage 60 min

Lighten the skin from top to toe with this result-oriented treatment.
This multi-active experience includes a peel of bamboo and fruit enzymes. A stimulating body polish with special techniques to refine and brighten the skin surface. Organic ginger oil mixed with - Multi-Vitamin Firming Cream (rich in Shea body butter and nutritious algae) is massaged on the neck, back and shoulders, relaxed features. The treatment also includes a beautiful scalp massage. A perfect experience!
Price 1 295 Kr

Health Cure, 90 min

Start with Chamomile body scrub that stimulates blood circulation, which removes dead skin cells, then followed by our eucalyptus spa bubble bath with head massage, afterwards enjoy our light facial cleansing. Finished with aroma spa massage with optional mix essential oil. Afterwards tea and fruit are served. An energy kick for body and soul!

Price: 1690 Kr

Health Cure 75 min

Start with the soothing & potent eucalyptus spa bubble bath massage. The truly beneficial beautiful cure that gives you new powers! The cure begins with a body scrubbing that stimulates blood circulation, removes dead skin cells and paves the way for the rest of the cure, which ends with a wonderful back massage with mix essential oil.

Price 1 380 Kr

Luxury massage w/ bubble bath 90 min

A luxurious combination of reflexology and classical massage for the entire body. The treatment begins with a 30 minutes Eucalyptus bubble bath thereafter a beneficial whole body massage. We finish the treatment with a fantastic facial massage.

Price: 1 495 Kr

Spa bath w/ head & facial massage, 45 min

Enjoy and relax in a bubble bath w/ herbs or minerals and the benefits from the jet rays which provides you a whole body underwater massage. In addition, it also include a head & face massage while your in the bath tub.
Finish with a nice body lotion to be apply after the bath.

Price: 590 Kr

Body scrub & Hårinpakning 30 min

Först får du body scrub plus axlar massage, den mjuknar din hud sen du duschar och du kommer få en hårinpackning. Koppla av till relax rum med frukt och juice eller te.

 Pris SEK 750 Kr

Cupping Massage 60 min

Coupling is an alternative medicine method where vacuum is used to lift skin and beeswax. This method has been used in Chinese medicine for about 4000 years. Today, copper is used in all countries.
Using coupling creates a negative pressure that promotes blood and lymph circulation. In addition, pain and tension in the muscles decreases. It is also possible that slag products are released and can be released more easily. You also use the method of western alternative medicine to reduce cellulite.

Price SEK 850 Kr

The positive effects of the coupling

  • profound

  • cleans off slag products   

  • activates lymph circulation    

  •  improves flow, circulation starts really

  • strengthens the immune system

  • increases the number of red and white blood cells   

  • strengthens the capillary walls   

  • fat cells are reduced in scope   

  • The skin becomes smoother and firmer

Clutch must not be used at

  • intake of blood thinning medicines, such as the product

  • ingestion of highly nervous medicine   

  • neither directly on spinal cord or the like    

  • hemophilia    

  • cancer    

  •  anemia   

  • severe skin problems    

  • not until 24 hours after a joint rupture that caused bruising    

  • pregnancy.